Server shutting down

DahTeam AdminOwner posted Feb 20, 14
 In the past few months, I have been trying to keep the server online for you guys to play, and we had our ups and down. As you can see I get on less and less everyday because of school and life problem. It starts to get worse everyday. I started the server with Kid ( Kidhybrid ), Sky ( DahTeam) and Calz ( CalzoneCannon) but then Kid and Sky quit the server because of schools, and I have tried my best to handle the server myself for a couple of months and then I start to get on less as you can tell if you played the server, you rarely see me online anymore. And our admin and mod starts to take over for me. They did a really good job helping the server while I'm gone. Anyway, the server starts to dying slowly.. I did everything I could to keep the server online and stable as best I can do in the past few weeks but now I just can't keep it on anymore. I understand some of you guys probably want to donate to keep server on, but I personally did not start this server for money and I also doesn't trust the internet with my bank info. So yeah the server will be turned off soon after you finish reading this. I'm really sorry for everyone who likes my server and play it this pass few month, you guys are the best. If you guys would like me to join a server that you like, you can just message me on Enjin and I will find the time to play with you guys! I also heard skydoesminecraft server just came out maybe you guys should check it out, I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of the best servers soon. Well, I hope everyone find a better server after reading this message. I'm really sorry for people who spent lots of time on my server and now lost everything because of me, I'm really sorry. If in the future I happen to have more time, I will try to get the server back on and stuff but for now it will be turn off. Once again I'm very sorry if you guys are mad at me right now. Kay~~~
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