Kay AdminOwner posted Apr 11, 15

Hellol everyone, I just want to let everyone know.. I'mma work on another project with this server. It not going to be a pixelmon server anymore XD I will start working on Pixelmon when 1.8 is more stable C: For now Imma try to make another server wtih different Mods. If you want to join, PM me or add me on skype x.duy.x ( Mr. Ly)

mods pack we are using C: 

TechnicPack Site

CrimsonVoid So it seems that there's an error with the modpack currently. Every time I download it there's a dropbox error. :/
wesjamescar can you also add a dropbox link to a manual install zip for the sake of minimizing how much you download
wesjamescar yeah whats with the whitelist... can you add me to the whitelist and probably kaileyrae09